A versatile real estate enterprise
with ever-growing brand “reasis”
we aim to transform real estate development
for our customers’ enjoyment of life

Times change and so do people’s needs. Customers are behind ideas such as “It’s about quality, not quantity,” and “the heart underlying things on offer matters more than the things.” Instead of pursuing the goal of offering as many beautiful-looking homes as possible, we propose residences that represent true value appreciated by their residents. Such value lies mainly in the style of living and the choices of homes. Our brand “REASIS” offers residences designed to help evolve our customers’ lifestyles, focusing on how the modalities of housing can contribute to better urban environments. This is a breakaway from conventional ideas that have dominated the real estate business in Japan, and is meant to create new value that fits the times.
Living environments we propose are based on our philosophy as a corporation that aims to “transform real estate development for our customers’ enjoyment of life.”

We offer customer-first residences
Sales and profits have continued to rise since establishment

Since it was established, J-REX has always been quick to respond to changing needs of society. Consequently, we have successfully expanded our business into independent housing, condominium management, “Re-More” (real estate regeneration), income property management and retention, and consignment sale, in addition to the planning, development, and sale of condominiums that are the mainstay. The diversified sources of earnings have prepared us to enjoy steady growth. In 2012, our head office moved into Shinjuku First West, a two-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. With increased capital stock, our sales and profits have continued to hit record highs.
In the condominium development business, which is at J-REX’s core, we conduct rigorous quality checks in the process, spanning from product planning, designing, and construction to delivery and after-sales service. Architects frequently travel to the site to perform inspection as part of the company’s efforts to create high-grade condominiums built upon precise quality control.

Our private brand conversant with customers’
needs creates your “one and only” place in town

Creating a lifestyle only “REASIS”offers
[Condominium development]

We named the brand “REASIS” by combining “residence,” which indicates a luxury home, with “oasis,” which is a haven of rest. With the brand concept being creating high-quality residences and oering a life more comfortable and peaceful than customers have ever had,” we pursue innovativeness and superior quality by having the facilities and specifications of “REASIS” residences overseen by well-known architects and designers, providing 24-hour and 365-day security, and other services best suited to our customers to offer places where they truly feel at home.

[Condominium development]Living & dining rooms, REASIS Kunitachi Daigaku Dori (sold in 2012)

[Condominium development]Exterior of REASIS Shin-Yokohama Park Front (sold in 2016)

Creating new value out of old buildings
[“Re-More”(real estate regeneration)]

We restore to life (“Re”), not destroy, decades-old housing complexes in good locations, and add (“More”) what they need to transform them into homes ideal for customers. We remodel these complexes to make fundamental changes to meet the needs of the times, enhance the workings of the facilities, and add new value to the housing by installing IT features and improving energy-saving performance. We offer our customers high-quality homes at irresistible prices.

From the before to the skelton

“Re-More” for creating new value out of old buildings. * An example of “Re-More” remodeling

Initiated to meet customers’ needs
[Independent housing]

To meet a wide range of our customers’ needs, we launched an independent housing business in 2007. We invested into this field all the know-how we had cultivated through condominium development and planning since the founding of the company, and created our own brand, “REASIS COURT.” With business approaches unique to J-REX, the brand gives shape to what our customers expect from their big purchase, and provides consistent after-sales service to help hand down the residences to the next generation.

[Condominium development]Exterior of REASIS Kunitachi Daigaku Dori(sold in 2012)

[Independent housing] REASIS COURT Aoyamadai, townscape (sold in 2011)

Employees and J-REX Grow Together

J-REX Corporation offers its employees opportunities to acquire a particular skill and develop a wide range of careers. Employees are required to take up challenges upon joining the company to gain as much experience as possible. Young employees’ growth underpins the continuous record-high sales and profits. With their creativity and high aspirations, each of them is trained to offer a living environment best suited to the times and the customer, aiming to help create an enjoyable and delightful society.

Enthusiastic young employees are the source of the company’s growth

Our Contribution to the society: Support for Schools in Cambodia

J-REX provides support through the NGO Farmer’s Club Cambodia Association (FCCA) for children in Cambodia who cannot receive elementary school education because of social and/or family circumstances. It builds school buildings and wells to set up appropriate learning environments in regions without decent educational facilities. These construction projects are meant not only to help children stay cheerful and motivated to learn, but to offer local people opportunities to work and acquire skills that they will be able to draw upon in the future.

Photos: Othom School completed in June 2014 in Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia


  • Established on
    October 8, 2002
  • Paid-in capital
    485.88 million
  • Sales
    141billion 2300million (June 2016)
    151billion 4300million (June 2017)
    154billion 2544million (June 2018)
  • Representative
    Hideki Haruta
  • Business
    1) planning, developing,and selling mid-to high-rise housing and independent housing
    2) Real estate regeneration and sales
    3) Real estate brokerage, renting, management
  • Brand of condominiums
  • Brand of independent housing


  • 2002
    Starts sales agency service
    Starts real estate (for sale and rent) brokerage and management services
    Launches "Re-More" business (regeneration and sales of used condominiums)
  • 2004
    Launches project for development of private-brand condominium
  • 2005
    Acquires major corporations' unused housing for their employees as part of "Re-More" business
  • 2006
    Launches real estate liquidation business
  • 2007
    Launches independent housing business
    Registered as condominium management business
  • 2009
    Launched income property management and retention business
  • 2012
    Launches trunk room business
  • 2014
    Launchest a short stay apartment business
  • 2016
    Acquired special zone vacation rental certification in Ota Ward
  • 2017
    Acquired privacy mark
  • Member of the Association of National Housing Industry
  • Member of The Tokyo Real Estate Association
  • Member of Zentakuren
  • Member of the Real Estate Fair Trade Council
  • Governor of Tokyo (4) No.81371
  • First-Class Registered Architect, Governor of Tokyo, No.56723
  • Registered Condominium Manager, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2) No.033058